Organic agriculture is a form of agriculture that is practised by using human and environment friendly production methods. Producing healthy and natural products is important in terms of restoring the natural balance which has been deteriorating over the last century. Organic agriculture is an agricultural method that has its own law, legislation, institutions and rules and it is monitored and recorded at every stage by the control and certification bodies authorized by the Ministry and documented as a result of audits and analyzes. Natural methods such as minimum soil tillage, use of compost, green fertilization, soil preservation, increasing plant resistance, insects and traps useful in pest control are preferred. 

Organic products are safe, healthy and traceable products and unauthorized pesticides and fertilizers, GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) products and soilless farming methods are not used in their productions. Organic Agriculture Certificates are issued only by organizations authorized by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture. In order to be sure that the product is organic, please check the logo of the organic production and the certification body and also the certification number on the product label.



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