BioRich was created by Mesut Özgür Edeer in order to provide healthy, nutritious and innovative organic products to the market. He was graduated from KU Leuven University as a food scientist and he had a solid experience while working as R&D engineer in the field of sugar reduction and developing health foods. He wrote and managed grant projects (Kosgeb, Tübitak) and took part in some scientific publications. With the experience and knowhow coming from these works and projects, Biorich is developing innovative, reduced sugar and functional organic sweets and desserts and plans to market them soon. Aside from organic foods, Biorich provides organic certified textile and cosmetic products to the customers who adopted organic living.

Biorich operates in Turkey and Belgium and distributes its products from its warehouse in Brussels.



BioRich Organic Products 
Address: Avenue de Roodebeek 78 1030 Schaerbeek Brussels BELGIUM
Phone: +32 479 23 61 78
Email: info[@]biorich.be

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İletişim Bilgileri

BioRich Orgakik Sağlıklı Ürünler - İzmir - TURKEY

Adres: 69 Sokak, 27/7 Üçkuyular Mahallesi, Karabağlar - İZMİR - TURKEY
Telefon: +90 (553) 272 37 43
E-posta: info[@]biorich.be